Tijuana Co-Working Space and Commuting to-from USA

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I went down to Mexico a few times over the last week. Mainly with the goal of figuring out how to stay with Gracie since she will be here (there) for 50 days. The Mexican Tourist Visa was fairly straight forward once we started the process. SEVERAL times the folks at the Mexican Embassy simply told use to “Just get a Schengen Visa and you can use that to get into Mexico…” Right… that’s kind of like saying, “Just get a US passport and you’ll be able to come into California for lunch…”
Easier for some, difficult for others. Personally, I think it is more of a way for Mexico to not have to bother issuing visas However, you do need to at least fill out some paperwork when entering Mexico, even if you HAVE a visa. Anyway, with Mexican Visa in hand Gracie will be in Tijuana the end of this week.
We’ll be hanging out in some AirBnB’s and possibly heading down to Puerto Vallarta or San Jose del Cabo/Cabo San Lucas or La Paz.

For now though, I’ll basically be staying with her in TJ and crossing the border in the mornings like many people do, heading up their jobs in the San Diego area.

This video shows a co-working space I discovered that is very close to the PedWest Mex to USA border crossing.
Co-Working Space: http://www.centroventures.com/wrk
Living Area: http://www.centroventures.com/lvng
Retail Space: http://www.centroventures.com/rtl

The Whole area – http://www.centroventures.com

Thanks, hope you enjoy!

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Mexican Visa for Filipina – SUCCESS!!

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After a LOT of paperwork,, interviews, second interviews, 6 train rides, taxis, motorbike trikes, walking, and WAITING In Line all over the place, Gracie has a 6 month, Multiple Entry Tourist Visa for Mexico!!!!

This is so awesome and a REAL SUCCESS as it allows her to visit VERY near where I live. Additionally, as you may have seen in previous videos, I discovered that San Jose del Cabo is also a GREAT place to hang out.

Next Step: Schengen Visa and then ideally US Tourist Visa. The latter, I’m discovering, is not a simple task. The “proof” that you will return to your home country seems to be quite subjective.
Proving that you own land in your home country is apparently one of the reasons you will return. By contrast, I sold my house years ago – BEST thing I ever did. I now rent. Does this mean I might not return from other countries to live in the US? Not really.
Believe ME, I am not saying that there shouldn’t be boundaries and clarifying documented proof that you will absolutely not leach off the social welfare system that is excessive in the US.

Other countries don’t have this issue because they have systems in place that do not allow for that behavior. I FULLY appreciate the fact that to obtain a Schengen Visa you have to obtain Medical Insurance for the duration of your stay. That is Awesome! I actually wish tourists to the US had to prove that.

…so, This and a few other topics are part of this check-in from one of my favorite places in the world: World’s End in Hingham, Massachusetts.

Hope you enjoy.

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Old Ship Church. The oldest Church in America Continuously used for worship

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One of the oldest continuously used churches in the United States is the Old Ship Church in Hingham, Mass. It gets that qualification as I am sure there are in fact OLDER Churches in the US However, most are not still being used or have been continuously used. Regardless of the limitation you might think they are putting on it, This Church, holds a special place in my heart – a great memory of my childhood, having fun playing in the pews as a boy I a huge building full of forts! Awesome, right!!!??

Hope you enjoy.

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July 4th, 2017 Parade – Hingham, Massachusetts

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The little town of Hingham, Massachusetts has a great little parade every year on July 4th. I’ve lived almost all of my adult life away from “home”, yet more often than not, I purposely end up in Hingham for the 4th.

I hope you enjoy the little scenes. The parade last about 90 minutes so here is about 1/10 of it in summer.

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Walking around Hingham, MA before our little town parade on July 4th, 2017

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About 8:30am on July 4th, I drove downtown and found a parking spot very easily. The walked to our little parade. Its a nice event and the weather was AWESOME. Along the way to the parade I happened by the Lincoln House where relatives of Abraham Lincoln lived. Lincoln is obviously a very well respected man and his leadership was legendary.

Hope you enjoy this little walk about Hingham, MA

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Worlds End (2017) Hingham, Massachusetts – *Feeling* on vacation #gratitude

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Every time, without fail, when I come home to see my folks, I make a point of going to World’s End.
Here is some more info on World’s End:
World’d End MAP: http://www.thetrustees.org/assets/documents/places-to-visit/trailmaps/World-s-End-Trail-Map.pdf


Worlds end is indeed a magical place. And for me, in the summer… well… it IS summer in New England. Even on the busiest days (e.g. Saturday, Sunday, a holiday like July 4th) there is always the opportunity to be alone, to be in complete quiet, to think and for me, to BE GRATEFUL.
I’ve shared in several videos how blessed (or just plain, lucky, really) I feel.
But this time, I just needed to slow down.. to stop. No more planes, no more airports, no more presentations, no more emails, no more conference calls, no more WebEx’s or GoToMeetings… no more voicemails, no more laundry, no more traffic, no more gas stations, no more grocery shopping…
Just Me and Nature at 90 degrees and 60% humidity. I LOVE IT!!!

Mari Johnson: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEZxNabegIKig9gEMOCQlhg

Thanks God, I owe you a smoothie!
Enjoy – Thanks for watching

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Landed Boston Logan International (BOS) to commuter boat to Home

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After the wildly successful conference in Washington, DC: Nutanix.NEXT, I began my July 4th holiday weekend by flying up to Boston to spend a week with my folks.
I don’t don’t know about you but when I haven’t gotten to hug my Mum or Dad for over a year, its a real bummer.
So, in this video I share a bit about how I get from the Boston International Airport (Logan) to the Commuter Boat which then takes me to Hingham where my Dad picks me up.

What a gift to be able to travel in the warm-ish summer and go from a plane to a boat.
For those of you who are “boaters” or love boats or love being on the water, you can probably relate to why this is such a GREAT way to commute *around* the crazy traffic of downtown Boston and make my way to the little town of Hingham on the South Shore.
It’s such a gift having my parents in my life and being able to see them in the summer in New England is the icing on the cake

Check In from Sedona, Arizona. Exploring Nature while here for my buddy’s wedding.

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I went from the Alibaba, Gateway ’17 conference to Phoenix, AZ. Then grabbed a rental car and drove about 2 hours north to sort of an artsy town called Sedona. Its been growing a lot over the last 10 years. Its a cool place to retire and if you like big red rock mountains in the middle to the desert, THIS is the place for you.