a *Grand* Palace afternoon. Bangkok, Sept 2017

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Gracie and I took the Hop On-Hop Off ferry up the Chao Phraya river to the Grand Palace. Last December, 2016 when we were in Bangkok we decided to only go to Wat Pho. The Grand Palace at that time was Very busy as MANY Thais were mourning the recent loss of their King. A very sad time in Thailand… So, we wanted to get them their time and space and not be too touristy.
Today’s trip to the Grand Palace once again, gave me a great spiritual refresh. Even though you could argue this location is one of The biggest tourist attractions in Thailand, there is still something very peaceful and welcoming about these temples. I love it here.

It was indeed one of the hottest days, and we were outside at The hottest time of the day so, water and foot massages took priority over the free tour of the beautiful grounds on this day in September. We’ll be back in November and I don’t usually need much prodding to get me to go to any place where Buddhist worship is so easily available.

I love you Thailand. Mak. Mak.

Chao Phraya river Bangkok – Taking “Hop On-Hop Off” Ferry to Grand Palace

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Just a quick check-in as we make our way up the Chao Phraya river to the Grand Palace. Its a fun ride and for only $6 to ride the boat as much as you want I think it’s a great combo of transportation and entertainment… at least for this Farrang :–)

MRT Khlong Toei station Bangkok – MUCH better than traffic in a GrabTaxi

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Gracie and I start finish up our day walking back from the Khlong Toei station of the MRT toward our apartment. Its proving to be a great trip and we really feel like we are Living in Bangkok, not just being a tourist.
Its a blessing to be able to explore the new, and not-so-new to me or Gracie, places of southeast Asia. This is our 3rd time in Bangkok together. This is probably my 8th trip?…
After this we’ll explore the Chao Phraya river and head up to the Grand Palace – stay tuned…

Thanks for watching!!

Buy McLaren at Japan Expo Siam Paragon Bangkok Thailand

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At the recommendation of my Dad, Gracie and I took the BTS skytrain over to Siam Paragon mall in Bangkok, right on Sukhumvit, to check out the Japan Expo. It was the last day of the show but still plenty of positive energy.
Not only were we able to check out the options for Thai people in Japan but it was interesting to see what was available in the Siam Paragon mall.
You can buy a BMW, Porsche and even a McLaren: http://www.mclaren.com/
Crazy, eh?

It’s very interesting for me to see how the middle class as well as the Upper Upper class is growing in Thailand… well all over the world really – China’s standard of living has improved 10x over the last 10 years if you simply is the statistic of GDP… from about $850/year to $8500/year in 10 years. Pretty amazing.
I cannot help but imagine what would happen if the GDP of an american household went up 10x… WOW!!! a few people might start leasing McLarens. HA!

Hope you enjoy the video.
Live the Dream!

Lumpini Park (part 2) HUGE LIZARDS!!! in Bangkok Thailand

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The wildlife (be it crazy humans or crazy-huge monitor lizards or iguanas bigger than may humans) is always exciting in Bangkok.
On our morning walk through Lumpini Park on the way to the US Embassy on Wireless Road in Bangkok, we come across some Awesome lizards!!

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Lumpini Park (part 1) Entering… Bangkok Thailand. Less cars, more pigeons!

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We left our hotel off of Sala Daeng and are walking toward the US Embassy. On a Saturday morning, its great to be able to experience Bangkok with a LOT less traffic.

Geoff Carter’s tour through Lumpini Park:
Very Cool: https://youtu.be/XHxmLFEg7eE?t=11m5s

Walking Bangkok and a 50 Baht ($1.75) Breakfast for Two!

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One of the many things that I absolutely ADORE about Thailand is the street food. Right at the beginning of our morning walk toward the US Embassy, by way of Lumpini Park, we luck out and for less than $2 we get some barbequed pork on a stick, some sticky rice and BLAM – Living The Dream!

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Transfer at LAX: from Cabo (SJD) to Vegas (LAS)

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A quick flight up from San Jose del Cabo. Gracie (with her C-1 Transit Visa) heads off to Bangkok and I head over to Las Vegas for the vmworld-2017 Conference at Mandalay Bay.

Here’s a link to our Hotel, Casa Natalia:

It was really nice and quiet!