I *need* Photons and Infrared… THEN, I’m Living the Dream!

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I prefer Hot and Sunny weather. Some people don’t. I have discovered that I am *very* photon-driven. I indeed get fueled by an environment that is “warmer” and “sunnier”. Your mileage may very. HOWEVER, I’m always curious how YOU discover if the place/area/country/city you want to vacation in or move to has “ideal” conditions… Do you Google it? Ask one of your buddies that’s been there for at least 13 months (i.e. a full cycle of weather)? or watch YouTube Videos from other expats who travel from place to place?
I find that the best data I seem to get is from friends who have “been there, done that”. This data transfer usually takes place over coffee or a smoothie.

So, if you are ever in San Diego, let me know, I’d be honored to buy your a smoothie and learn about where You have been and what the environment was like.

Live the Dream!

My Ramadan? RamaDONE. Great Learning Experience!

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I tried doing the “fasting during the day” part of Ramadan. I started fasting at the prescribed time as listed here: https://hamariweb.com/islam/san-diego_ramadan-timing178789.aspx

And I ate my big meal after 7:50pm. I actually gorged at a new Thai restaurant, and then had like 2 apple turnovers afterward. Yeh… this is NOT a good weight loss program. HA!

I will say though, I do indeed have respect for those who practice.
BUT, for me, I need to be very cautious about behaviors that produce a headache… For me, the chances of a migraine (a *real* migraine) producing undesirable results is a bit higher than the after person… and possibly the average Muslim, practicing Ramadan…
If I get a bad migraine, I end up in the ER.. if it gets worse, I end up in ICU…. NOT HAPPENING!!! Plus, I know exactly what would happen: The doctor would ask, “what have you had to eat or drink in the last 12 hours…??”
If i answer, “nothing.. i’m fasting…”
He/She would simply sigh, roll their eyes and write down on a prescription: Eat food. Drink water… BOZO!

Here is a great, simple article I liked about the ceremony and how to respect those friends and colleagues who practice:

For those practicing, i wish you a blessed and rewarding experience. ..:: Ramadan Kareem ::..

Balikbayan to the Philippines

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I wanted to share about the Balikbayan Boxes that I just shipped to the Philippines. If you are not familiar with it a Balikbayan Box used for shipping goods from the US to the Philippines. It is about $100 for a box that is about 6 cu.ft. in volume. Its a similar paradigm as “if it fits, its ships” that the USPS has. Meaning: the weight is irrelevant. HOWEVER, the downside is, you cannot ship electronics or phones.. Grrrr… i have about 4 phones I need to ship to Gracie but unfortunately This will not be the solution for that.. Oh well.

Also, while the cost could be considered reasonable, it takes at least a month for the box to get there and in my case, the boxes are going to Aklan so it will be taking 2 months.
Oh well, its nothing critical, just household goods, bedsheets, etc. that I would want to have when I get over there… Well, actually, I am really most interested to see how long it really Does take to get there and if it really is “door to door” as advertised.

I was a bit bummed that they only take cash or checks… kinda lame but whatever.

I’ll keep you updated to on the progress!
Thanks for watching.

I believe in Magic!!!

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I heard some great thoughts about “magic” and how our life is propelled by some crazy amount of magically force, or science, or just place dumb luck. I don’t know HOW or WHY it all works quite frankly but as I reflect on today – an anniversary for me, celebrating 25 years clean and sober, free from drugs and alcohol – I thought I’d share about how grateful i am to NOT Know… but be blessed with the ability to experience such love and joy.

Its a gift! and I have No Plans of returning it : -)

Hope you’re Living the Dream!!!

Drinking 25 years of AwesomeSauce

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As of 5/28/2017 I am blessed to be able to celebrate 25 years of not drinking any alcohol or doing any drugs. For some of you, you might respond, “well, DUH!!, Why would anyone do drugs, dude!!??”
My story is that I am a recovering alcoholic. If I drink, I cannot stop. This is a disease. Like depression, it’s often understood – usually by the people that don’t have it!! 😉
I don’t have cancer (thanks God!, btw) but I’m told that having cancer is like alcoholism: it’s not something you signed up for but the affects and experiences are truly horrible..

So, today, I am HUGELY grateful. And, like many things and experiences, unless you’ve been here, you probably cannot relate.
So, I thought I would share some of my thighs and emotions and hope that you get to feel as grateful to be alive and healthy as I do.

Life Is Awesome .. especially when you know there is no guarantee you’ll get another day of it.

Live the Dream!!

Ramadan Day #1 #fasting #Sehr

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I am completely ignorant to the Muslim religion or Islam or being Muslim or the customs. A guy I work with mentioned in passing several days ago “Ramadan is coming up”… So, I was curious what that meant?, what is done?, for how long? Why? What is the benefit for you?… and a whole bunch of other questions.
So, out of ignorance I thought I would do some more research and participate in Ramadan. This is day #1.
I am *really* looking forward to the opportunity to reflect on all the reasons I’m grateful and get some clarity… maybe.. we’ll see… I’ll let you know 🙂

Here’s the website a friend gave me for the Sehr and Iftar times here in San Diego:

Technology that has INDEED improved the Quality of my LIfe

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As I was driving into work this morning, it struck me that one of the cool little pieces of technology that has entered my life is the sensors on my rear view mirror… I have not had to toggle the mirror to control the brightness in 3 cars now… so, that’s about 9 years of no toggling. Has that improved my life significantly? Probably not. Are there 100 other things in the last 9 years (…9 months?) that have improved the quality of my life through technology? I bet there are!!!

Check In : May 2017 – Desperation vs. Desire

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As I reflect on where I was in May of 2010 – Graduating with my Masters of Science in Executive Leadership – I makes me ever more excited for the NEXT 7 years.
Thanks for reminding me of the, Facebook!

Live the Dream.

I’m OK, THANK YOU for the kind messages! Now: Domestic Travel

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Now that I have been back in San Diego for a while I am really feeling “home”. Talk about GRATEFUL. The weather at this time of year in San Diego is sometimes called “May Gray”.. then we roll into “June Gloom”… so, not exactly the panacea of environment if you are seasonally affected. However, its times like this that IF i pause, I can really get grateful for where I live.

If you don’t think the US is pretty freaking spectacular, you haven’t been elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of imperfection here at home.. even in the “paradise” that many other parts of the country believe is the constant experience we get living in San Diego.

It’s pretty cool yeh. But I still have a constant hunger for travel and exploration!

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Safety and Schengen Visa

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I stopped at Katy’s Cafe this morning for a Vietnamese Latte and there were 4 police cars.. all running. I didn’t see the officers anywhere but sure felt safe! 🙂

Here’s a link to one of the Surf Webcams we have near Imperial Beach:

And if you have any experience getting a Schengen Visa I’d love to hear about it.

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