why I’m grateful?.. why I’m clean?… why I’m Living My Ass Off!!!!

I’m told by my Blogging Consultant(s)/Coaches that my posts should have a lot of text in them.

I’m told by my Web Developer I need to make sure I search engine optimize my posts so they show up in Google better.

For most posts, OK, I’ll try and focus on that.  For this post I’ll just share this Very Accurate (sadly) videos and leave you with this:

If you ever wonder why I am almost Always looking at the positive and saying stuff like, “I’m Living The Dream” or “I’m Amazing”… well, watch these videos.  I’m blessed to be clean and sober for over 23 years… and yeah… I AM F***ing Living the Dream and stoked to be alive for just One More Day.  I *get* another 24 to go LiveMyAssOff.  It’s a gift I am NOT returning.  Love you guys!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGiAxwgrF_k?rel=0]

Let me know if there is Anything I can do for you!

winning “the lottery”

Ok, so, you’ve just read the title of this blog.  What the hell does “Lottery” mean to you.lotto

I  know when I made less than $30,000 per year I thought, MAN, if I could only make $50,000 one day, that would be sweet.  It would be soooo much money I’d be set!


When I  graduated in 1995 with my bachelors I was only making $8/hour as a part-time over-night & fill-in DJ dj12SRon a local San Diego radio station, 92.5 The Flash at the time… Magic 92.5 now.  And I had an internship as the radio station’s second engineer, read as: I worked for the chief engineer for FREE so I could learn what radio engineers do; short answer: you do everything from toilets to transmitters.

But, since I was about 13 years old, it was my dream… My Fantasy… to be a DJ at a top-25-market radio station AND be a Radio Engineer.  Well in 1996: Mission Accomplished!!!
At that same time, I landed a full-time gig as a radio engineer making $24,000/year!

I Had “Won the Lottery”… well maybe not financially but certainly emotionally.

Was I lucky?  Was it what I deserved because I worked my ASS off to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering?  Or was it simply because I was a member of the Lucky Sperm Club (i.e. I was lucky enough to be born in the USA, to wonderful parents)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX9QNE3ZzLM?rel=0]

I believe in working HARD.  I really like the feeling of accomplishment I get after a “job well done”.  I also Never look a gift-horse in the month so anything that I am simply lucky enough to have, I rarely take for granted and if possible, I like to share.

Some things I can share:  My knowledge, my smile, my experience(s), my time, my talent, my treasure… etc… my videos… my perspective…

Some things I CANNOT share:  My liver. my passport, my sobriety… etc…

I was walking down the beach the other day and it really hit me that *I* am THE LUCKIEST guy in the world.  I hope you feel the same about yourself.  I hope you are able to focus on the positive and see all the blessings your are lucky enough to have.

If the only kind of luck you feel like you have is Bad Luck then I invite you to CHANGE THAT! Start Now!  Do something about it…

What ONE THING could you do today to improve your situation??  Just one thing.  If all you can do is think about some poor guy or gal that his it worse off than you… well… fine.  Let that be the one thing.  Maybe you need to see a girl in a wheelchair with no legs to be grateful for your legs.  Fine. Start there!  Next, think about the other things you are grateful for without having to compare yourself or your life situation with someone else who *doesn’t* get to have something they probably should.  Dig?

Go Look In The Mirror.epic


The “lottery” you just won is that you are reading this blog.  At a minimum, that means you GOT to wake up and somehow get to the Internet.  I bet you can do ANYTHING you want… *IF* you want it bad enough.

once again, I *do* hope you’re Living the Dream.  If you’re not, you’re doing it wrong!  DO Something About it!

Now, go Live YOUR Ass Off!
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Shiny Red Ball Syndrome

I am not on medication for ADHD.  I do NOT want to take anything to squelch some behavior that someone who is boring, a careful linear thinker, or justifiably organized says FOCUSwill “keep me from being all over the place”…

“Mikes!!! You need to FOCUS!!!”

F*&$ you.
You *wish* you were me!
I entertain you!

**tangent alert** I just had 5 other thoughts about other shit I “need” to get done while I typed the previous two lines.  BLAM!  I also just took time out to smile at 2 of the 3 girls that then returned my smile as I caught them staring at my epicly loud Robert Graham shirt that I’m wearing.

ok. back to “normal people” trying to harsh my neurons.  This is like the introverts I know wanting me to be more like them.  The good news is I don’t get that judgement from Introverts.  I find that introverts LOVE watching us Extroverts.  HEY INTROVERTS!!! you know who you are; you follow me on Facebook, occasionally clicking Like.  and by occasionally, I mean, like bi-annually… If I’m lucky, you will post a 2 to 5 word comment about once a year.  like “You are hilarious”.  I wish I knew who you all were… but, I suppose there’s only so much time to hug everyone (deep sigh… tears..)

I *adore* introverts.  I’m honored that my life and Living My Ass Off behavior provides the catalyst for you to use the phrase, “live vicariously though you” in your conversations, posts or shares 🙂

You are the Ying to my Yang.  YOU are THE reason I can be successful.  You are the BEST kind of treasurer for the organizations that I’m honored to lead.  You save Me from  financial bankruptcy.  I love you like a fat kid loves cake.

Introverts are CRITICAL to my existence.  If it weren’t for you, my fragile ego would have no audience.  hahaha!

I prefer to refer to my (possible) ADHD as “Shiny Red Ball Syndrome“. shinyRedBall

I get moments of distraction BUT I get many MORE moments (sometimes hours) of exciting new projects and tons of creative problem-solving solutions.  I’m a walking super computer that squirts out gallons of awesome sauce!  Just Ask ME!!!!!   LMAO (here its Laugh My Ass Off).

…I’m basically just screwing around here with an emotional Vita-mix of HUMOR, sarcasm, cynicism, and an additional shot of protein… you gotta have protein !! (snicker).

I have so many thoughts throughout the day that I keep a notepad in my car, a notepad on my nightstand, I have Evernote installed on every single electronic device I own.  I jot stuff down, I make lists, I make sub-lists, I review these lists (traditionally on weekends) then I cross things out.  Frequently as I am crossing something out, proud of myself for completing something, I will think or remember something else that I forgot to do or write down from before.

When Facebook first started I thought, “Meh, this is kinda neat but am I ever going to do anything with this!!???”

now, to be fair, when I signed up for Facebook you could only register if you had an email from a college or university (i.e. it ended in *.edu) and for the most part it was just for undergraduate students.  in fact, the choices for profile type were “Student” or “Staff” at the time… I know, I’m freaking old in comparison to Facebook, right?

anyway, within about 2 weeks I started posting a little bit… fast-forward to today and I think that for a guy like me with Shiny Red Ball Syndrome, its one of the best things ever!  I can simply whip open the Facebook app and share the random (ideally appropriately inappropriate) thought on my wall and BLAM! I can now move on, traditionally forgetting what I just posted, and then go on to discover my next Shiny Red Ball.

I find that they creative process for me involves a BUNCH of emotion but also at least some logic… its the Engineer in me… and from that seem to come so many opportunities for exploration.  I want to share what I’ve been doing and hopefully make you laugh along the way.  As this blog grows and gets better (I’ve still got a LOT of work to do there) I know that the content will at least make you smile once a week.  If I can do that, I feel like I can live at least one more day…  aaaaand away we go!

I’ve been able to really get over some fears of “what if”…  I love the acronym for FEAR I’ve heard which is False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R)… INDEED!!  all the stuff that I thought *might* happen or might kill me.  well… it never did.  Having Shiny Red Ball Syndrome helps with that.  I’ve heard my behavior described before as “Ready, Fire, Aim”.  Traditionally by some lame project manager.  When I truly embrace my SRBS then I am So Read Before Someone else!  HA!…

I think the point to all of this is no matter WHAT defect or character someone else might judge you with, realize there IS a reason why the Universe programmed you with this trait.  Embrace your Shiny Red Ball (Schwetty Balls?) and go DO SOMETHING signiifcant and for Gawd Sake, Have. Some. FUN!shinyRedHug

… can any of your relate!?  If so, I want to hang out with you and Brain Storm.  HAH!  more accurately, it will probably be a Brain Tsunami!!! 🙂

well, if you CAN relate, please, ping me –
I’ll buy you a smoothie!

Shoot me an email anytime and I’ll make sure we get together… somewhere, somehow!

Until be meet again!  Live the Dream!  If  you’re not, you’re doing it wrong!

I’m off to Live My Ass Off.. wish me luck~!


a GOOD cry. …thanks Thailand!

I absolutely just HAD to share this YouTube link.  it is a series of heart-wrenching Thai Ads.
I’ve posted this several places with a description:

“its not If or When you’ll cry, its how many times!”

I invite you to take a few minutes and watch it to possibly add to your perspective of “helping others”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6jcJD50X0k?rel=0]

Now, I also fully acknowledge that these are Ads that are designed to manipulate you by appealing to your human side… the Ad company’s fantasy is that  you walk away thinking:

“OH MY GAWD, that was soooooo touching… I should totally buy some MetLife insurance and get TrUE for my cell carrier!!! Now!!!”

yeh, I get that.  I was in radio and TV for over 20 years so trust me I KNOW that you use TWO things to sell:  Sex and Emotional manipulation (e.g. tears or humor).  It sells.  Try and ignore that part and just view it with an open mind.

I dig a good cry.  Hope you do too.

Live the Dream!


a “good tired” = accomplishment

I’m sure you’ve heard someone reply to the ever popular greeting,
“How u doin?” with,
“tired.. but it’s a Good Tired”

I was thinking about what makes me respond this way AND why or how the hell that relates to Live My Ass Off.  For me I think I get to that point after I feel like I’ve don-t-keep-calm-and-drive-fastWorked (a.k.a. Lived) My Ass Off.  I have been judged with,
“you work too much”… while at the same time
“Dude!, you are freakin awesome” — based upon very favorable results or outcome.  My goal is to exceed expectations.  I like to Live my life at 110% @ 80 mph.  A mentor of mine refers to his version as “9 grand, hair on fire!”
F*%@# YEAH!

But maybe a more important thing to ask myself is WHY did I work (a.k.a. play for money) to this level of possible exhaustion?  Unpacking this a bit more, I then ask myself,
“What motivated me to do this??..” furthermore – trying to be proactive –
“What will motivate me, in the future, to fully engage in some similar behavior or task with such commitment and intensity?”… especially if/when I might NOT be motivated?

Aaaand going a bit further What Motivates Me?  How do I stay motivated? For this post I’m going to focus mainly on how I stay motivated and use another post to discuss getting motivated.
Well, because, while I acknowledge that LACK of motivation is a killer and simply stops most people in their tracks, never even getting to “Step 1”, I think that I need to get clear and acknowledge the tool(s) I use to STAY MOTIVATED and on the path to AmazeBalls.

Again, Lack of Motivation for whatever reason (mainly rooted in Fear, in my belief)  is definitely a show stopper BUT I think its easier for me (maybe you too) to identify or reflect on times when I’ve  “quit”… “Quitting” involves starting, at least a little bit.

For example, I understand all too well what it means for someone to Relapse from a successful (be it long or short) period of time clean and sober from drugs and alcohol.  BUT to RE-Lapse, you had to first Lapse at some point, right!?

I’ve heard it said, that “Quitting is Easy.. it’s staying quit that is the real bitch!!”  Ok. Maybe so. This is one of those “your mileage may vary” scenarios BUT lets say we buy it… HOW do I stay the course??

I don’t want to just Live My Ass Off for a couple of hours, or a few days, or a weekend, or a holiday break… I want it ALL the time… and I want it “my way”  (more on that on my post about Only Child Syndrome (HA!).  It’s like I’ve always said about cocaine shortly after quitting. “If I could use cocaine normally, I’d use it everyday, all day long…”  yeh, there inlies the rub.  You see the irony I’m sure.

OK so, here’s the simple solution I’ve found to have wild success with sticking with it.  Have an Accountability Partner. Have a *true* friend.  My definition of Friend is a person who I love and care about who feels the same way about me.  BUT the quality that really differentiates them from an Acquaintance is the permission that a Friend has to possibly or maybe even intentionally, hurt my feelings because the agreement is that they *will*, above all else,
save my Ass before they will save my face.

I made a YouTube video on my YouTube channel *ThaiMikes” about how I’ve really embraced having an “Accountability Partner” or “Sponsor” or “Mentor” or “Friend”… or… whatever label you feel comfortable with that will be THE person that is a huge reason for your success at Staying Motivated:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNtYUBriXVk?rel=0]

I wanted to share this idea in both written (blog) as well as video (Vlog?) form as I am starting to think that one complements the other.

Naturally, I hope it adds value and makes you think and/or identify THE one (or seven..??) people in your life that you could easily enlist in your wild success. Especially if/when you feel a lack of motivation.  Its a lot like the scenario I hear people describing about working out at a gym.  “I meet [him/her] at the gym every morning at 5:00am… it gotta tell yah, if it weren’t for them an me promising them I’d show up I’d probably just sleep in…”

Now, go out and Live the Dream… if you’re not, you’re doing it Wrong!

To your Success!


(chest bump) Katy’s Cafe, Imperial Beach, CA

IBI think it’s important to share Good news, IN FACT I believe it is 10 times more important to share good news versus bad.  I’ve heard a bunch of guy’s who’s Blogs and VLogs I follow recently state that “Bad News Sells!”.   They too agree that Good News is kind of news that needs focus.  One specific version of this was “I stopped watching the news as its all negative… you know CNN?, the Constant Negative News network…”

Indeed… sigh.

SO, here’s your little hug of GOOD NEWS:
I have been coming to katyscafe_04Katy’s Cafe in Imperial Beach, CA for over a year and on a scale of 1 to Mikes it definitely deserves a High Five, a big hug… and a LiveMyAssOff.com (chest bump).  BooYah.  Kahblamovich!  Yeh… its THAT cool.

I bet that when Howard Schultz walked into a place this cool, while at the same time warm (…you know what i’m saying), intimate, homey (homie?), community engaging, minimally iconic, welcoming, happy and respected, he thought, “I Gotta do THIS!”  I bet places like Katy’s were what he envisioned Starbucks would be like.  Spoiler alert, it’s not.  I literally drive past 3 Starbucks to come down to Katy’s.  Their Vietnamese Latte is my favorite.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Starbucks.  I’d probably like it a Hell of a LOT more if I have bought their stock 20 years ago… and held on to it. No regrets though.

When I was here last weekend, it was Katy’s birthday.  I asked her for a Katy’s Cafe Postcard letting her know I’d be sending it to Mum.  She smiled.  Today, I was able to report that I got an email from Mum thanking me for the post card and to wish Katy happy birthday.

Katys_contact_logoBLAM. Good News.

So, if you are ever wanting a great cup of coffee, awesome home made sandwiches, EPIC cinnamon rolls, and an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are hanging out at your family’s summer house for a great breakfast (any time of day) then cruise over to Katy’s Cafe in IB:

Its at 704 Seacoast Drive Imperial Beach California 91932 and you just follow Palm Ave all the way West from where ever you happen to get on Palm Ave (i.e. I-5 or maybe if you are coming down the silver strand from Coronado).  Take a left when you get to the end and park right there on your right.  She’s got free WiFi which as you know, makes the couches That Much More Comfortable.

I know you will Enjoy it. Its all part of my plan for a full-scale, global  LiveMyAssOff.

Now, go Live the Dream! Cuz if you’re not Living the Dream, you’re doing it wrong.
(chest bump)