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Lumpini Park (part 1) Entering… Bangkok Thailand. Less cars, more pigeons!

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We left our hotel off of Sala Daeng and are walking toward the US Embassy. On a Saturday morning, its great to be able to experience Bangkok with a LOT less traffic.

Geoff Carter’s tour through Lumpini Park:
Very Cool: https://youtu.be/XHxmLFEg7eE?t=11m5s


Walking Bangkok and a 50 Baht ($1.75) Breakfast for Two!

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One of the many things that I absolutely ADORE about Thailand is the street food. Right at the beginning of our morning walk toward the US Embassy, by way of Lumpini Park, we luck out and for less than $2 we get some barbequed pork on a stick, some sticky rice and BLAM – Living The Dream!

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Transfer at LAX: from Cabo (SJD) to Vegas (LAS)

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A quick flight up from San Jose del Cabo. Gracie (with her C-1 Transit Visa) heads off to Bangkok and I head over to Las Vegas for the vmworld-2017 Conference at Mandalay Bay.

Here’s a link to our Hotel, Casa Natalia:

It was really nice and quiet!

San Jose del Cabo for the night = BEATUIFUL BEACH and Casa Natalia

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We walk around San Jose del Cabo while staying at the beautiful and quiet resort: Casa Natalia.
Here’s a link to the ‘Casa: https://www.agoda.com/partners/partnersearch.aspx?cid=1730848&pcs=1&hid=182502

A Great, Easy, one night in San Jose – Love this place! Enjoy the beach!

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Arrived San Jose del Cabo (SJD) and Casa Natalia Hotel

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We hop on a Volaris flight to SJD (San Jose del Cabo) and spend the night in a great hotel near Plaza Minjares in old San Jose.

I’ve done other videos of the location so its a real treat to be able to share it with Gracie. Stay tuned for more travels.

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New Adventure !! Going to CABO!!

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After about 2 months of publishing nothing, its time to start up a regular cadence of videos. Fear not, I’ve still been living my a** off for the last month or so, living in Tijuana and commuting up to work at USD. BUT, Now its time to head down to one of my more favorite places in Mexico: San Jose del Cabo.
Here’s a brief update on the happenings.

Good to be back on the ‘Tube!