Pudong Intl Airport (PVG) Shanghai Layover (part 3)

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After a nice 4 hour nap, a shower, and I dropped my bags off 3 hours before departure. I am simply in the habit of this as it is traditionally the earliest I can check in for an International flight AND I like to be THE first, or at least One of the first people checking in. In at least 1/2 the cases, I don’t pay for the extra legroom or upgraded class of seat when I am flying to SE Asia so if I get there early, I have usually been able to get an emergency exit row seat. Read as: TONS of legroom. At 6’2″ (188cm) I am not a giant however any flight with lack of legroom is very uncomfortable for me.
On this Delta flight from PVG to LAX I was using points so for about $80 all in, I was able to upgrade to their Comfort + and get Sky Priority boarding and baggage. Plus the use of my Delta AMEX card is a nice little perk as I don’t need to pay for checked bags.

This Shanghai layover has been an Ok experience. I don’t particularly like anywhere when its cloudy and raining but the real bummer was how tired I was for about 14 hours of travel prior to arrival – even if the weather was epic, I think I would have been distracted by fatigue so the 6 hour hotel rest was very worth while.
I am very much looking forward to returning to China to check out Shanghai as well as Hong Kong and Shenzhen. A LOT of exciting things are happening in this part of the world. I cannot even imagine what it will all be like 50 years from NOW!

Thanks for watching.


Airport Hotel 168 — Pudong Intl Airport (PVG) Shanghai Layover (part 2)

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This the weather the way it was in Shanghai: Cloudy, drizzly, then rain, I decided the Airport Hotel (Hotel 168) was the best solution for this layover. For about $45 i was able to get about 4 hours of sleep in a quiet room and a nice warm shower in a clean bathroom.
I call that a big win.

Here’s the AGODA link to Hotel 168 if you want to check it out:

Pudong International Airport Shanghai (part 1)

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Sorry – the first one I uploaded had some videos out of sequence. I believe this is correct.

GREETINGS from Shanghai Airport (PVG). I arrived about 6am and my next flight was at 7am. I really want to check out the MagLev train as well as some more touristy stuff in this global metropolist…

Bangkok, Sept 2017: Taking the River Boat (KLONG) to The Mall Bangkapi

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I decided to take the MRT/BTS over to Phetchaburi station and then a quick walk to the Asoke/Phetchaburi Pier. From there take a river boat 16 stops up to The Mall Bangkapi Pier to meet a buddy for some coffee and conversation at Starbucks.

Here’s a quick video of the trip. Fun! Convenient and about $0.50 EPIC!

Scott Mallon on YouTube – An American In Bangkok: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCurctSeouvoryzOlBcjxGbQ

the HIVE co-working space Bangkok (Thonglor)

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On a Tuesday in September while in Bangkok, I took a *GRAB*
if you’ve never used GRAB basically its just like LYFT or UBER or FlyWheel.. and used to be called MyTEKSI. Use my referal code if you’d like to sign up: mike68746

The GRAB took me from our apartment in Klong Toei area over to Thonglor area and checked out a co-working space: the HIVE.
I dug it only 150 THB (about $5 USD)

Hope you enjoy the video.

The HIVE Bangkok (*Thonglor*): http://thehive.co.th/
Actually “Try Out Tuesday is *every Tuesday*:

A bit of a summary about THE HIVE:
The Hive was founded by serial entrepreneur Constant Tedder in 2012. After moving to Hong Kong from U.K, he set out to create a beautiful workspace for entrepreneurs, creatives and start-up businesses to create a community to grow together.
The Hive believes in empowering the creative and entrepreneurial community across Asia. We do this by designing beautiful, unique spaces by providing personalised and responsive service to connect members into a powerful network.
At its core, The Hive is a community of people who share a common belief that creativity and entrepreneurship is worthy and meaningful work.
The Hive has two locations in Bangkok: one in the heart of Thonglor, the one I went to on this day in this video, and the other in Prakanong. Both are members’ coworking spaces. the Hive Thonglor is just 5 minutes motorbike ride from the Thonglor BTS station and close to all the restaurants and shops. We converted a large shophouse into a unique space with 5 floors of co-working space, a rooftop cafe and an outdoor shaded terrace.
DO check out the spa on the 1st floor to help you kickback and relax.

— other HIVE links —
The HIVE SPA: http://thehivespa.com/
The HIVE Prakanong (Still in BKK but different area) : http://www.thehiveprakanong.com/

a *Grand* Palace afternoon. Bangkok, Sept 2017

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Gracie and I took the Hop On-Hop Off ferry up the Chao Phraya river to the Grand Palace. Last December, 2016 when we were in Bangkok we decided to only go to Wat Pho. The Grand Palace at that time was Very busy as MANY Thais were mourning the recent loss of their King. A very sad time in Thailand… So, we wanted to get them their time and space and not be too touristy.
Today’s trip to the Grand Palace once again, gave me a great spiritual refresh. Even though you could argue this location is one of The biggest tourist attractions in Thailand, there is still something very peaceful and welcoming about these temples. I love it here.

It was indeed one of the hottest days, and we were outside at The hottest time of the day so, water and foot massages took priority over the free tour of the beautiful grounds on this day in September. We’ll be back in November and I don’t usually need much prodding to get me to go to any place where Buddhist worship is so easily available.

I love you Thailand. Mak. Mak.

Chao Phraya river Bangkok – Taking “Hop On-Hop Off” Ferry to Grand Palace

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Just a quick check-in as we make our way up the Chao Phraya river to the Grand Palace. Its a fun ride and for only $6 to ride the boat as much as you want I think it’s a great combo of transportation and entertainment… at least for this Farrang :–)