Landed Boston Logan International (BOS) to commuter boat to Home

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After the wildly successful conference in Washington, DC: Nutanix.NEXT, I began my July 4th holiday weekend by flying up to Boston to spend a week with my folks.
I don’t don’t know about you but when I haven’t gotten to hug my Mum or Dad for over a year, its a real bummer.
So, in this video I share a bit about how I get from the Boston International Airport (Logan) to the Commuter Boat which then takes me to Hingham where my Dad picks me up.

What a gift to be able to travel in the warm-ish summer and go from a plane to a boat.
For those of you who are “boaters” or love boats or love being on the water, you can probably relate to why this is such a GREAT way to commute *around* the crazy traffic of downtown Boston and make my way to the little town of Hingham on the South Shore.
It’s such a gift having my parents in my life and being able to see them in the summer in New England is the icing on the cake

Check In from Sedona, Arizona. Exploring Nature while here for my buddy’s wedding.

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I went from the Alibaba, Gateway ’17 conference to Phoenix, AZ. Then grabbed a rental car and drove about 2 hours north to sort of an artsy town called Sedona. Its been growing a lot over the last 10 years. Its a cool place to retire and if you like big red rock mountains in the middle to the desert, THIS is the place for you.

Friday is *THAI*day. Thailand 4.0 discussions

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I have a love for so many things in Thailand. Indeed that started out as a tourist during my first trip there in 2013 however, in that last 2 years, as I learn more about the economy of Thailand, I have taken a real interest in the technology there.

Thailand 4.0 is a country-wide initiative to benefit the Entire country; benefiting the citizens of Thailand as well as make Thailand of more value to the entire world.

I’ll start talking about my experience with Thailand 4.0 as well as try to give updates every week on Fridays. Hope you enjoy.

Some Thailand 4.0 summaries:
The Basics:


An American in Bangkok:

Schengen Visa: USD to TJ on San Diego Trolley

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I think I mentioned in a previous video that Gracie and I am going to be getting here a Schengen Visa. With the goal of her being able to travel with me and certainly for us to spend more time together. One of the desired outcomes of that will be that she could then come to Mexico for up to 180 days as a tourist, stay in a city fairly close to San Diego, and then we could each other MUCH more frequently.
Expanding upon that idea I wanted to see what it would take for me to travel from USD to Mexico, as if I were to make the my “commute”. This first trial run is on the San Diego Trolley (MTS).
I’ll take you along with me from the second I leave my office to the second that I walk off the train in San Ysidro.
From that point, I would need to simply walk across the border into Mexico and take a taxi to wherever we end up thinking would be a cool place to stay.

So join me. Hope you enjoy.
Thanks for watching.