Chatuchak Market Bangkok Thailand and Bugs For Sale !!!!

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Another one of the many cool things about getting AirBnB’s as opposed to renting hotel rooms is that the Hosts (being locals) will almost always offer suggestions on things to do. Indeed many of then are ‘tourist traps BUT it is also a good indication of what THEY believe out-of-towners might like to do.
The Chatuchak Market was a suggestion on the list from our current host. She’s a really cool lady and we were able to meet her son and daughter when we got the keys. I love when that happens!
I checked out the website for Chatuchak market:
Its an easy BTS ride over to Mo Chit. Mo Chit is “the end of the line” of the Silom Line BTS train. Getting there in the 5pm-ish hour from Thong Lo (Sukhumvit Line) was busy with packed trains until about the last 3-4 stops but the result was what we wanted: we got to our destination in the exact time we scheduled. Crowded streets in Bangkok yield a less than favorable result when using Grab/Uber to replace BTS.
So, on a Friday evening we made our way to the Chatuchak Market. Now, the website does make reference to the “busiest mall in the whole world” based upon the attendance of 200,000+ people on the weekends SO, since we are here on a Friday I’m not going to debate their marketing claims.
Apparently Fridays are “wholesale” days. So, in my mind, I’m thinking, “This day, the prices will be lower and the opportunity to buy things in bulk at even great discounts is available”… Well, I cannot really make that statement.
Gracie and I bought a few shirts and pants (pajama-bottom-like light weight pants) for a few hundred Baht. But, as an example, the shirt + shorts outfit that was 350 THB at the Gateway Mall outdoor market was 450 THB at this one store. The woman would not bargain. 350? No. 400? No. Ok, whatever, 450 is *not* a wholesale price.
As far as the “the biggest” anything, I honestly thing the “Kobey’s Swapmeet” thing at the Sports Area is larger… well, certainly close. Anyway, the best result was that Gracie got to see plates full of cooked bugs for sale from on of the street vendors. I was very surprised that a Filipina had never seen that. Once again, giving me more learning opportunities and smiles.

Its a good life on so many levels. Hope you enjoy the video.
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Final Day at Hotspring Resort Beach and Spa, Phang Nga – a Wonderful Place near Phuket

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A check-In on the last days of our stay at The Hotspring Beach, Resort and Spa. We loved it here and while I highly recommend it I don’t know if we will be back. Not because it wasn’t Totally Awesome, BUT because there are another 50 resorts in between this one and the airport, as well as another 1000 on the great island of Phuket… a luxury problem for sure.

Hotspring Beach, Resort and Spa – Walk to breakfast

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Included wth the cost of the room at The Hotspring Beach, Resort and Spa is a buffet breakfast. This is fairly common for many places I’ve stayed at. I usually NEVER get this as its usually about 200-700 Baht more per night and in my experience, I can always get breakfast for Less than that. And, its much better. Here however, there is no other option. Like most real ‘resorts’ they design it so you have everything you “need” on the property. For the most part, that is the case here. It did not really have everything we “wanted” though.
But, this morning – our first breakfast – we took advantage of what was “free” (i.e. included) and then took a nice slow, quiet stroll back to our bungalow.
I think I could literally spend months On Vacation!

Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed it.
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Upgraded! Epic Bungalow at Hotspring Beach Resort and Spa!!

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Hotspring Beach, Resort and Spa in Phang Nga. One of the THE BEST places we’ve ever stayed.
Here’s a link to their website:

Our room = Honeymoon Pool Villa:

We booked it on Agoda:

I can highly recommend it!

The Hotspring Beach Resort and Spa (Five Stars in Thailand) First swim!

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As part of our vacation… we went on vacation. From the city of angels (a.k.a. Bangkok) we hopped on a quick 1 hour Bangkok Airways flight from Suvarnabhumi (BKK) to Phuket (HKT) to spend 3 relaxing nights at The Hotspring Beach Resort and Spa. Mission accomplished. Here’s a checkin during our First Swim. The pool was about 2 meters in front of our door.
THIS was a major benefit, when we arrived at about 1pm. By 5:00pm I realized we were in a heavy traffic area. By 7:00pm the annoyingly loud Chinese tourists outside – even though there were only like 6 of them – prompted me to head to the front desk and politely say, “I did not realized a “pool room” meant a “loud room near Chinese tourists… do you have a Very Quite room, please?”
aaaaaand about 20 minutes later, Gracie and I were packing up our bags to head to the Bungalow that you will see in some upcoming videos.
For now though, I hope you enjoy the check-in and discussion from the pool.
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Emporium, EM Quarter, Phrom Phong BTS Bangkok

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Emporium and EM Quarter and 2 malls that are quite luxurious. Across from each other on Sukhumvit and the BTS Phrom Phong station. We thought we’d see if there are any appearing movies to see…
Its the latter part of November/Early part of December so For Sure the Christmas decorations make sense and area nice festive site.
Interestingly enough, one of the reasons I started traveling AWAY from the US during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season is the annoying attention put upon shopping. Shopping, specifically Christmas shopping seems to have become more about being Forced to buy gifts so those in your life that you care about. I prefer to give and receive “gifts” throughout the year. The ones that come randomly. Gifts that are not seasonal and (almost Most important) gifts of things that I can actually USE!
I’ve said that “The best Things in life are NOT Things!”. Gratefully, Gracie feels the same way so we both like to get out and about and have less “stuff” and more *Experience*.
So, traveling in South East Asia this holiday season is on the calendar once again. Its going to be a bit shorter of a trip than last year as far as the time we will spend in S.E.A. but with her new US Tourist Visa be get to spend a ton of time together – thats a big blessing.

Thanks for watching – Hope you enjoy.
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